Monday, March 31, 2008

kena tag non-stop!!!

- You -
First Name: andrew
Nickname: hon... pin pin... short short cha siu pau
Name you wish you had: da name hon roxx!!
What do people normally mistake your name as: kangaroo
Birthday: guess lar...

-Your Appearence-
How tall are you: in between the height of a broomstick and KLCC
Wish you were taller: duh... something like Yuen Feung
Eye colour: Very dark brown, almost black. how i wish it's 100% black.
Natural Hair color: black... little, not-so-obvious brown if under the sun
Current Hair color: " "
Short or long hair: very long in the eyes of MBS but super short in the eyes of salons.
Ever dye your hair a bizarre color: Oh please... i like my black hair...
Last time you did something dramatic with your hair: Gelled my hair during JS
Glasses or contacts: Both. Glasses was so long ago.

-This or that-
Flowers or Chocolate: Chocolate!!! milk choco... no nuts pls...
Pepsi or Coke: slimming tea
Rap or Rock: neither...
School or Work: play!!!
Movies or Music: Y? u belanja me movie n concerts izzit?
Country or City: country in a city.
Sunny or Rainy days: as long as it pleases me...

Flower: no way!!!
Candy: floss!!!
Color: Green... green is good for eyes. Red... red is HOT... nv like blue... cool as blue... bluekz
Singer: Jolin Tsai!!! dat was history... now arr... Christian songs and hymns singers... not those
high pitch or pavarotti type... i beh tahan...
Word: God's Word... esp Luke 6:27-28
Junk food: i take no junk food... so fattening...
Website: no point telling... as if u will visit...
Location: my own bed!!!
Animal: anything except fish...

WEN DEE!!! Don't say i didn't do my homework!

Friday, March 28, 2008

kena tagged again!!!

Real name: andrew wong wai HOT... oops... hon
Nickname: hon hon
Married: dun... obviously..... no
Male/Female: im not a boy, not yet a man...
High school: Methodist Boys'... super siao in rules...
College: got money only think of it, aiyar... F6 lar
Short or long hair?: short i guess... itz long if im still in MBS
Are u a health freak?: i think so... less calories & cholesterols
Height:Ok lar... counted a little above average among kl ppl...
Do u have a crush on someone?:duh... almost in every camp
Do u like yourself?: sometimes
Righty of lefty: right... but trying my best to use left hand to train my right brain

Your first...
surgery: got meh?
person u see in the morning: myself, in the mirror
award: 1st in class in kindergarten, 4 yrs young
sports u join: Badminton, actually... i hardly sport... not interested
pet: dogs... got fish oso... i'm scared of fish!!!
vacation: singapore... when i was in my mummy's womb
concert: don't go
first crush: dowan to tell

eating: eat what lar... just came back from wedding banquet
drinking: my own saliva
i'm about to: sleep
Your FutureWant kids: Yes! but i'm lazy to even think of the process
Want to get married: lazy leh...
Careers in mind: Chinese doctor!!! pastor? teacher? businessman?
Which is better?Lips or eyes?: duh... both lar...
Hugs or kisses?: hugs for now, kisses for wedding night!!! but lazy to kiss leh...
Shorter or taller?: tall gua...
Romantic or spontaneous?: either one at certain times
Sensitive or loud?: sensitive... err... super sensitive
Troublemaker or hesitant?: Hesitant
Have u ever...kissed a stranger?: if he or she let me lar, currently never
drank bubbles?: accidentally... licked a small amount
lost glasses/contacts?: breaked and scratched glasses, switch to contacts but occasionaly swapped both sides
ran away from home?: never...
liked someone younger?: yeah... my crushes are always younger
liked someone older?: never
broke someone's heart?: quite often i guess...
been arrested?: i'm a good boy!!!
cried when someone died?: No tears... but will force myself to if needed

Do u believe in...yourself?: yeah
miracles?: Yes
heaven?: Yes
Santa Claus?: well, he exist but too commercialised
magic?: Yes... tricks lar... but there are magics done by demons.. beware
angels?: Yes... LMC puchong got 1!!!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

fruit of my labour

i always think that the first taste of the fruit of our own hard work is the sweetest of all things, besides the grace of God. Well, i had it today... yesterday actually because this post is supposed to be done by yesternite. 1st pay of my first job ever!!! i thought i'll shed my tears.

Strange thing is... nothing also... i was busy and was called in to the room where the paymaster counts money almost every hour... Kesian her. So i mah went in lor... Took it... no extra ordinary feelings. i was busy, i guess. So i was emo-less.

At night, i pass part of the fruit to my parent's, saying that it's my first pay in my lifetime. But they told me to keep it. Haiz... so hard to be a good son.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

siao day

Today was a busy day in the Accounting Department.

My task was photocopying huge stacks of account statements. The thing i hate the most is when the paper got stuck in that clumsy, big machine. Luckily there was instructions on the LCD screen on how to deal with it. Then i ran down a few times from the Accounting Department to the Purchasing Department. Not very tiring, but i was wearing fake leather. A little not so comfortable. Plus, standing for a long time in front of the photocopier was hurting my heels.

After work, i walk from the hotel to KLCC. i wanted to go to the post office mar. To send something that was urgent. Well, urgent last time but not now. Lepas the deadline jor. But it is still important to send. So sad!!! The closing time is 6 p.m., and i left office at about 6.30.

Never mind, i'll try the General Post Office. Same thing. i reached there at about 7 p.m. The "bungkusan" office got people, but the automatic door is locked, and the stuffs...yes... no spelling error... they are not staffs but stuffs! The stuffs were busy doing some "close shop" work and none at least have the courtesy to come and tell me it's closed. No manners punya stuffs!!!

My last shot was the mini post office near my house. Well, i didn't know the closing time until i reached there. Initially, i thought it's 9 p.m., but what i saw was 8.45 p.m. close. And i looked at my mobile phone. Shoo... it's 8.50 something p.m. The guy inside didn't even want to do anymore transactions. Haiz... i brought the bungkusan out with me early this morning and brought it back. Kee siao!!!

Now i can only wait and send it later... Hmm...

Monday, March 24, 2008


i started to feel a little bored about my job. i wanted to settle the invoices fast. i was too rushy. strange, my colleagues never push me to do my work fast. Am i working at a very fast pace, or that they are slow and it's the normal speed for them?

There's something that i can never beat them, my boss and colleagues, that is, they come earlier to work and leave after i left. Well, i get my pay according to hours and i won't get extra pay if i work extra. Therefore my colleague, Ms Fong told me that i'm not encouraged to have OT. Not even the permanent workers, they too will not get extra wages.

From what i heard, she said some workers even stayed up until 9 or 10 p.m. to settle their works. They practically don't have time to have entertainment. Their wake up time is dedicated to the job only. Real workaholics? Or too many things to settle that 8 hours is simply not enough for that? They don't get extra wages for extra hours leh...

By the way while at work i just found out that i can type without looking at the keyboard. Thanks to MSN Messenger. It's just like using mobile phone. I use to type a lot of messages and i become so used to it and i can type SMSes while crossing the road! However, i don't type using the correct way though.

Have a good and blessed day!!!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

i kena tagged!!!

replying Dee's whatever questions...

1) What is your favourite movie?

So many Malay movies? Can't help... i just love some of the Malay movies... anyway my favourite movies are still counting...

i specially love this scene. It reminds me of my hair after applying "xtra stronghold" gel onto my hair. My stubborn hair...

2) Who is your favourite singer?

I used to like Jolin Tsai. Now no more. Too lazy to catch up with artistes.

3) Which song gets you grooving in the morning?

My stomach anthem...

4) What is your favourite fruit?

Anything not exotic.

5) Who is your best friend (excluding your family)?

i got many good friends but no best friend. Perhaps my 2 non-biological brothers who stay in Alor Star and Subang respectively.

6) Name one activity you would like to indulge in, in your free time.

ZZZ... that's why i'm this size.

Maybe, work? i love my job!

7) When was the last time you laughed so hard till your sides hurt?

Almost everytime when i'm awake... please check on me also when i'm sleeping

8) Do you recall your last dream?

Who cares?!

9) What is your all-time favourite hobby?

Multiplying my fat cells...

10) When was your last holiday without the children?

When i'm in school and work. It's a holiday for me.

11) What you want to achieve in your life?

What a tough question... err... make people happy and let them know the love of their Creator

12) What will you imprint onto your tomb stone?

Choi!!! haha... i dunno ler... but must not miss the word HOT!

13) If God, the Lord Almighty grants you one wish, what will you ask for?

The desire to sin to be removed totally.


Tuesday, March 18, 2008


wadda... today is only my second day of working in the Accounting Department, and i'm sick liao... boohoo...

i'm so hot... fever actually...

Monday, March 17, 2008

1st day in the corporate world

Today is my first day of working leh... woohoo...

Well, William got me this job earlier in Equatorial hotel, Accounting Department.

i only did three major things, that is, rearranging and restapling the invoices, delivery orders and purchasing orders. Next, arrange invoices according to date and serial number. This is really mad. The third one is stamping a thick stack of paid orders... the invoices again...

The colleague who is in charge of coaching me is Ms Fong. Quite leng lui 1... haha. Initially she conversed with me in English. Suddenly she asked me whether i can speak in Mandarin and Cantonese or not. Haha, i was waiting for this chance. So we started speaking in Canto. She taught me a lot of things, though many are coming. Today i'm only in charge of simple paper works.

There's an instance that was quite funny. On my way to the toilet, i almost got into a Datuk's room. Actually i didn't really know the way. No sign boards and many junctions mar... Fortunately Miss Fong alarmed me before i step my foot into the dungeon. My left foot was at the border between the inside and outside of the Datuk's door. pheewww...

After some struggles in the monorail and bus, i became so exhausted that i slept in the bus with my head half-hanging and half-touching on a Malay woman's shoulder... so paiseh!!!

Now a little sick... hmm...
Really not used to it. Last time i used to go to school early, extra classes and short time for meals. i even had tuition classes after that. And i don't get sick, iron man, maybe?
Now really beh tahan ady...

Friday, March 14, 2008


i sense theft cases happening every day. Almost as frequent as a few cases an hour. Well, it's not about concrete stuffs that were stolen. It's simply... my friends. They were stolen by other friends. Sounds strange?

During Prayer Conference, i realised a thing. Whatever that i wanted or wanted to do, there will be someone or something that steals away the attention of someone towards me. Don't understand? Let me explain...

A & B are my good buddies, especially A who had been my friend for many years. B is my close friend which i knew for less than a year.

There were many instances that the two of them were together and left me out. i was a little envy ler. And i seriously feel like as though A stole B away when B was together with me. No one seems to pay much attention to me. Hmmmm...

Recalling back some of the memories, i knew that both A and B were very good to me, but the current happenings just make me feel that they take me as a puppet, that when they need me, i have to be there, but when they have something else better to cling on, this "puppet" is forgotten...

Ooooo... Sooooo saddddd...

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

prayer conference

haha... im still in YMCA now... youth prayer conference.

Curi-curi online... Chia Ching and Addison, now you know why i'm not joining the game?


Monday, March 10, 2008

blessings outside the Sunday service

heheh... today.. oops.. should be yesterday already... haha... Sunday morning lar. i was all of a sudden pulled away from the service from my church to the Junior class of the Sunday School. The SS long-time teacher, Aunty Viji said this session was a training ground for me, and after some training, i'll be one of the SS teachers... woohoo!!!

It wasn't easy.

Before the class started, A. Viji prayed for me. She briefed me a little. Then the little children came. We started with some kiddy songs. I felt so awkward!!! After that, the story about Peter who was jailed and saved by an angel. He knocked on the door and the servant girl Rhoda came and open the door but the believers didn't believe. (Huh, believers? didn't believe?)

We also did some art work which was making paper chains and a game which made me the one facing the door and guess who was the one knocking on a wooden surface behind me. Well, i only get one correct... hmmm...

After the lesson, Aunty Viji de-briefed me. She said that once you see the children feel bored, immediately do something else. You can even stop the story half-way to get their attention, do something else and resume later. That is why she tried to make the story as interesting as possible. She did not even mention the story is from Acts.

In games, it's ok to be the loser. It makes them feel funny. She commended me for pretending to lose the game. Hello... i memang lost in that game. i can't guess anyone. My action indeed made their day.

One amazing thing that i've learnt is that the children might not seem to understand, but the Holy Spirit has thought them. We are only God's mouthpieces. A. Viji told me to test them later. i tried. Wow... the kids really remember the names except Rhoda... haha...

Oh yeah, another good thing... the children just got closer to me... woohoo! Praise God for this experience!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Christian temples?

I already have this thought in mind since a few days ago after looking at a temple near my house...

A Christian temple!!!

In my opinion, Chinese people visit temples for many, many reasons. But when they hear of going to a church, their reaction will be... Waahhhaaat? Chuuuurrrch? Dowan lar!... or something like that. They are totally freaked out about the idea of going to a church, despite they know very well that it means no harm.

The idea of the temple is like this:

A typical temple without idols. Joss sticks are still burned but 3 each time to resemble the burning of incense to the Trinity. They are burned while the one holding them will be praying, bringing their petitions to God. They can face anywhere while praying since God is omnipresent.

The name of the temple should be a Christian term in Chinese and ends with the word 庙, e.g 恩典庙 (Grace Temple).

Every visitors should be welcomed. A service can be done in a way that use less jargon, with a person preaching but more in a Chinese socio-economy context. Community service like tuition classes can be done as well.

Until a certain point of time, when the people are convinced that this 'new religion' can bring them eternal life, this temple can be converted into a church.

This idea is actually influenced a little by what i've learned in BK classes, that is, Acts 17:16-34. In Athens, Paul saw idols everywhere. Probably the number of idols was even more than the population in Athens! He found an altar with words inscripted: To an Unknown God. So he preached about the God who was unknown to them, also affirming them for being religious. Praise God, Paul was so smart in his words. See verse 22-23.

The next little influence came from Acts 14:8-20. Lystra is a wolf-land, which means it's almost barren, also means that the people are not rich, probably facing poverty and famine often. Read especially verse 17. That is why when a preacher preaches, he or she has to choose a topic that touches the people's hearts, not forgetting to seek wisdom from God.

This idea might sound childish, but if we can win another for Christ, by all means, why not?

*this is not constricted to Chinese only, so Christians of other races may do this as well but in their respective contexts*

Friday, March 07, 2008

Luke 11:9 So I say to you: Ask and it will be given to you...

I was in dilemma lor... dunno whether to ask loan from friends or not. It sounds like i'm not good in managing myself. The deadline is getting nearer again. I can only keep praying that God will send His 'angels' to help me... Fear, confusion, kan cheong-ness, whatever kind of feeling was surrounding me...

Then, a friend who is currently working went online in MSN. i thickened my skin and ask from him. He agreed to lend the remaining amount that i owe the Prefectorial Board. He was the Treasurer and he knew my case very well.

So thank God! Indeed, He did not let me down. my SPM results will not be held back!

Even before this, i was trying every means to get money... duh, not illegal means lar... i tried Adsense, selling my assets, whatever... but those will get the money in very late. And when my friend went online, i didn't have that kind of supernatural instict that he will definitely help me. i can only continue to ask, with a thick skin.

Thank God once again for not forsaking me in this time of need and also a practical lesson taught by our Lord Jesus.

Hehe... i already got a job, later can pay them back liao!!! Read my previous post...

Thursday, March 06, 2008

trust and obey when the storms of life is getting nearer...

aiyerrrr... so scared. the deadline is nearer again. And i didn't even manage to get a bit of that something to save myself. School holidays starts tomorrow, Prayer Conference next Tuesday and results day Wednesday. How am i going to clear my whatever before results are out?! Argh... now the testing is getting greater, though i don't feel anything but little fear and uncertain...

Anyway, another good news. Wei Liem told me that his boss agreed to hire me and told me to start working on Monday. Oh oo... timing is wrong... You see, i just registered a place for Prayer Conference because he said the department is full. And now i got the job during Prayer Conference time? The timing is absolutely not right!!! Worse still, i might not get that job when i return... haiz... i seriously don't know what God has in His mind... make me so 'kan cheong' (nervous)...

Neva mind, i know the hymn...

trust and obey
for there's no other way
to be happy in Jesus
but to trust and obey



Good news aveebadii...
i'm going to Youth Prayer Conference... Woohoo...
strange lar... i wasn't as excited as Addison when i told him this...

anyway... i'm a bit scared. Not that i don't have faith in God...
It's not that i don't trust You
For Your perfect time and way

...but the deadline is nearer & nearer. More frightening still, school holidays starts on this Friday. i'm leaving for Ipoh this coming Tuesday, results Wednesday!!! It means i can only go to school and meet that prefects' teacher only on Thursday... and itz actually today... Wah... how arr...?

I really have to trust God that He will help me through. My last resort will be going to school on Monday and get any teacher on duty to pass that thing to the prefects' teacher.

Still don't have any idea what i'm talking about? Don't worry, you are not alone.
I have to say this again. I have no choice but to trust God lor...

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Lu kata saya siapa???

Who do you say that I am?

This was what Jesus asked Peter in Luke 9. If He were to ask me straight on my face, what should i answer Him?

When i was young...
You are Jesus loh... i know You love us loh...

When i was facing exams...
You are the One who leads me and let me get good grades even i didn't study well...

When i felt dejected...
You are my friend

When i face problems...
You are my Deliverer
You will help me with my problems

When i am happy...
You are the One blessing me

When i'm in church...
You are my Saviour of my sins

When i'm in BK class...
You are the subject that i'm learning
and, You touched my heart everytime i attend the class

When i'm in the bus, going back late...
You again touched my heart everytime i read
the Gospel according to Luke

When i'm in JS...
You are my Comforter
my Friend
my future Revealer

When i was doing field work in Kampar...
You are the One i'm supposed to proclaim

When i'm doing mentoring with my brothers...
You are the One we include at the end of our conversation

When i want to sleep...
You are the One i talk to, thank, and
i know You hear my prayers

But Lord, i'm so sorry. Though You have so many identity throughout my life, many of them are not deep from my heart.

If You really ask me this question now, i'll say
You are the One who should give me this this this
and solve that that that problems...

Sorry for treating You like a slave, instead of making You
the Lord of Lords in my heart

Sorry for not putting You in my mind all the time
i do remember You most of the time, but that makes me proud

Sorry for not being a good testimony for You

Sorry for failing to be salt and light for the people around me

Sorry for my misbehaviour

Sorry for not walking the talk

Sorry that i don't love everyone

Sorry for showing favouritism towards certain people

Sorry for not obeying Your Word

Sorry for having the anger in my heart

Sorry for having the lust

Sorry Lord...

Be my Friend, King, Redeemer, Saviour, Comforter and Lord once again... hold me... do not let me fall again.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

God of wonders

Caedmon's Call - God Of Wonders lyrics

Lord of Heaven and Earth(Lord of all creation)
Lord of Heaven and Earth
Lord of all creation
Of the water, earth and sky
The Heavens are your Tabernacle
Glory To the Lord on high

God of wonders
Beyond our galaxy
You are holy, holy
The universe
Declares your majesty
You are holy, holy

Early in the morning
I will celebrate the light
And when I stumble into darkness
I will call your name by night

God of wonders
Beyond our galaxy
You are holy, holy
The universe
Declares your majesty
You are holy, holy

Hallelujah (to the Lord of heaven and earth)
Hallelujah (to the Lord of heaven and earth)
Hallelujah (to the Lord of heaven and earth)
Holy, holy
Holy, holy

God of wonders
Beyond our galaxy
You are holy, holy
Precious Lord,
Reveal your heart to me
Father hold me, hold me

The Universe
Declares your majesty
You are Holy, Holy
Holy, Holy

Hallelujah (to the Lord of heaven and earth)
Hallelujah (to the Lord of heaven and earth)
Hallelujah (to the Lord of heaven and earth)
Hallelujah (to the Lord of heaven and earth)
Hallelujah (to the Lord of heaven and earth)
Hallelujah (to the Lord of heaven and earth)

God is awfully wonderful.

Out of curiosity, I attended a church near my house on Saturday evening. The service was 5 p.m. every Saturday. Putra Aman Assembly. A Sidang Injil Borneo church i guess.

The members there are mainly Africans, LimKokWing students and also Indians. i only found a Chinese guy from MMU, Lincoln. The people there were so friendly.

They showed a video featuring Louie Giglio preaching during the Chris Tomlin “How Great is Our God Tour”. He showed a lot of wonderful pics of the galaxies. One of them is the image of Whirlpool galaxy, 31 million light years away from Earth.

And this image was in the middle of the Whrilpool, captured by the Hubble telescope.

Well, Praise the Lord! Imagine God already had the plan of salvation 31 million years ago! We are actually looking at the past when we see cosmic objects.

Another thing mentioned by Louie was the unique human body. Awesome! Just in a single cell there are 46 chromosomes and many, many characters in the chromosomes. If he were to stretch out all the characters in one single file, it will be 6 feet long. More than that, if he reads a character a second each, it takes him 96 years to complete! And all these are replaced every 3 seconds in the human cells.

The foetus eyes are another miracle. A foetus has about a million eyes nerves each in da brain n the eyes. They will have to match the correct pair in order for the foetus to get sight. Then the eyelid. At a certain point of time, there will be a line cut across the skin and forms eyelids. Tell me, isn't that miracle? Can you see how omnipotent and powerful God is? Psalm 33:6 “By the word of the Lord the heavens were made, And by the breath of His mouth all their host (star)

One more. There is a certain protein molecule which binds the human body together. Something like stabilizers in food. This is called "laminin", an adhesive molecule. Now see this!

Isn't this awesome? Remember the verse Colossians 1:17 “He (Christ) is before all things, and in Him all things hold together.” ? I studied this in JS, one of the morning devotions.

i'm so very blessed to have attended the service. God brought me there.

Remember, you are fearfully and wonderfully made. See how much God loves you?