Monday, January 26, 2009

i almost got killed part 2

ok i know not many ppl visit my blog and i can safely say that u guys are not very anxious bout what happened to me yesterday, or the eve of CNY. Nvm, i'm gonna tell anyway...

So i was travelling all by myself home from church. After KTM, i took a bus near the Serdang KTM station. Rapid KL T432. I was sitting on the left side. As the bus was reaching Taman Universiti Indah, suddenly my side tilted down. i thought the bus hit the pavement-divider. Oh my, that is so normal... But chiak lat lor... i saw with my own eyes the back left tyre rolling out to the front. Then in front there's a tyre golek-king out also. Immediately i knew something was wrong. Duh... everyone in the bus knows what's wrong. Everyone mah started saying, "Turun, turun..." Maybe too much drama la. i kept on having the feeling that the bus will explode.. Though i don't have the fear la. i shall tell u later why i didn't feel scared when almost everyone was heywire.

So i went down the bus and decided to walk towards the back and see the tyre area. Wah liau... got burnt tyre smell. Not as strong as the one when u come down from Genting. The tyre ream was damaged as if there was sth exploded there. The force of the bus ream colliding with the cabuted tyre must be so strong that the 'explosion' occured. Some minor damage as well. The road had a few metres scratch mark, but was filled soon. So too bad lo. Paid RM 1 for the bus fare but halfway back home only. Even the Metrobus that came soon after that just stopped a while and then pass by. Perhaps they were jeering at their rival company. Oh yea. A blue Kelisa was "kissed on the butt".

So now im still one piece, no holes around. Thank God. Shaun, my good friend from Penang replied my SMS, asking me to think of the what if's questions. Well, i thought of it also. You see, the bus had to go up a narrow bridge from the KTM station to South City Plaza first, before heading to my place. If the tyres were to come out then, i would be dead now. If the bus was speeding on the same place and the tyres came out, though that area is considered safe, but i would be dead also, cuz chances are that the bus will fall on the left side.

So really thank God for His grace and mercy.

As i mentioned above, i didn't really feel scared when i saw the tyre rolling out. Partially it's because i know God's will for my life. A lil sermon here.. haha... since years back i knew God wanted sth great for my life, so i wont be dead so soon. Even in trains, buses... i have this mindset, that i all passengers will not face accident because im in the train. Well, just a thought...

Sunday, January 25, 2009

i almost got killed


maybe im a lil exaggerating.

im a bit lazy to type... will tell u all later.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

jhathuh chinthah

i guess i fell in love... with... bluff u oni la... im not gonna tell u the person! (highlight the blank space)

wait wait wait...
it's so wrong to fall in love
it's so wrong to fall in love now...

HON HON!!! wake up wake up! it's STPM year! Don't give your heart to anyone else except Jesus!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ping planggggg!!! Ziakk!! Rip!!! Kaa Booommm!!!

Have you ever been into a situation when all hopes are high, the confidence are all yours and all of a sudden, you fell down so hard that all dreams and hopes are shattered?

Unfortunately im experiencing that now. Like what i said in my previous post, i felt sooooooo close to God and i sort of know His promises for me. I thought He'll help me through my studies and i'll be able to study and learn things very well and of course, the 5A's in STPM. But then hor... all these were ripped instantly. No joke. I felt im not gonna get that 5A's.

Today only mar.... i can't learn much. Practically i learnt nothing. The capacity of learning shut just like that. Though in my blurness, i did caught up some bits and pieces. That's it. And i felt i disappointed many, many people who were praying hard for me, who love me so much that they choose to spend time on worthless people like me.

i think i've failed God. How would i answer Him if he were to question me on the spot about how am i handling my life? God is good all the time. But how come the joy in Him just disappeared? Is he telling me that the joy of the Lord is my strength? True i guess. I felt mentally tired and frustrated.

i thought God had delivered me from the deep pit, and i remembered that pit doesn't tempt and stumble me anymore. But why now i seem to be turning back to it? i didn't intend that...

so this time i need a deliverance. a real deliverance. but when i rethink, i started doubting again. Could this be God's will, or simply my misinterpretation in my thoughts?

i want to be effective. i want to study and be 'addicted' to it. i want to score. i want to be a good testimony to others. i want to please God. i want to be wise and cool when handle difficult problems. i want my strength to come continuously. since God had placed me in various important posts in school rather than a normal commoner, i want to utilise all my spiritual gifts and talents to be good in all things. God help me please. Draw me close to You once again. Do not let go of me. My life just can't go on without you.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

in a split of a second...

Have you tried being very very very close to God in a camp, but backslide IMMEDIATELY when you return home? Ironically comical, isn't it?

i was in this bersatUnite concert in KL Wesley. On my way there, i still remember the joy i had. Even while helping out, giving my sweat doing all the hard preparation jobs, i have no complaints except some pains. Nevertheless, the joy remained in me at that time.

But 1/2 way during the concert, i dunno why on earth la... suddenly the closeness and love for God hilang just like that. What? How can? But it's a fact. i suddenly lost all the joy.

Then after cleaning up the place for Sunday worship, Daniel my bro, Klang Wesley's Roy, Tevin, Ryan, Jonathan and i went out to McD. And until we went back to our room in Menara Wesley, i don't think i regain my joy. Yerrrr..... why arr?

Worst still this morning. While i was still licking my wounds, i was asked to do BM translation. What the...... i was sooooo blur. And i didn't manage to translate the whole sermon. So many words i dunno. Speaking on the spot in BM in the mini microphone is a real torture. Haiz... now oso i think i still havn't regain my joy and love for God. so sad...

pray for me ya!

Thursday, January 08, 2009

thank God for my teachers!

Ok... she's coming... should i just leave for my duty...? Oops! That's it. My chatting partner just wished her 'good morning', and i'm pulled in together in the swirl.... nooooooooooo!!!!!

K.. fine la... she's not that scary after all. She's my chemistry teacher by the way, haha...

So she discussed with us about studies. Yea.. i know i don't do very well. But thank God! i finally got a chance to tell her my problems. You see, as a prefect, i have to go out immediately from classroom to my duty post, without a chance to ask questions about chemistry. But Pn Chan is kind. She is willing to help. She said that i can even SMS her the questions and if she's available, she'll call me back. Wow... such a wonderful teacher! I will work hard for STPM de! =>

Next was Bio class. To my surprise, the school changed our beloved Pn Aida... boohoo.... Now we've got Pn Majinah. Still, thank God! Her introductory class gave me very, very much hope for my Bio! Now i can say that i have no regrets taking F6. Serious!

Guys and gals, appreciate your teachers!