Monday, September 22, 2008

ahaha... so late only update. hehe... so terharu la... my mentor reads my blog! haha.

On the next day after Ah Yin read my Bible, i went to Glad Sounds and got the RM 10 NLT Bible, and straight went to tuition. She was there also la. so i joyfully passed that to her.

Her face was like a lil zhadou that type, but thank God, she flew a kiss to me, thanking me. Do not think of something else, k? She calls me 'kor'...

So... Praise the LORD la!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Revival is coming!!!

One interesting fact.

Today during Maths lesson, Ms Yap taught us about determinants of square matrices. The highlighted one was the 3x3 matrix. She said, even though we are not Christians, we need the cross. Then she showed the way to put the cross on the matrix to find the ac and bd thingy... in the end we will use that to find the determinant la... Addison didn't hear that. So when i told him, he responded in a joyful way, agreeing what she said.

Well, it's true la... Before this during Physics, Mr Lee tada. So i did my quiet time then. After that, i held the Bible and went to the front of my sista Shin Yin and chatted with her and Joanna. Ah Yin was curious. She asked me what im hugging. Before i answered, she asked, "Bible arr?" and then, "Lend me see."

Initially i thought she will flip and return to me. But after a while, i saw her still reading with full of interest. Little did i know that she actually read from Genesis 1-30. Wow! Praise God!

God really worked in ways that we can't help but to amaze it with awe. If my dad did not fetch me to school straight, then i'll be doing QT in the LRT. If so, then i won't be taking my Bible out in the class. And if so, i won't be doing QT in class and Ah Yin wont get to read it! WOOOOWWW!!! The Christians in my class were very happy with what they saw, that Ah Yin "one mouth breath" read 30 chapters of Genesis!

By the way, my Bible came back during when Maths, the last period was about to end. Since she's so interested in it, i guess i might want to buy the RM 10 hard cover NLT Bible in Glad Sounds for her...

Sunday, September 07, 2008

i am a shepherd

last weekend was the merdeka week! haha. the FT district MYF had a sleepover in KL Wesley. Beside MBS! haha!

The highlight would be the Saturday nite. Pastor Herbert John from Tamil Methodist Church in PJ came over as the speaker. So when he ended, he closed in prayer. In his prayer, he said he can sense that 1 or 2 will be pastor, some others will be missionaries and so on... all i could do was to think, could that pastor be me? and i didn't focus on the prayer.

After that, he offered to pray for those who need prayer. i mah went and asked about the pastor thingy lor. Since so many ppl jokingly said that i'll be a pastor, who knows, it's God's way of revealing things to me... According to Ps Herbert, in the Spirit, he could see that i'm a shepherd. I told him i'm doing F6. He said God will not stop me from excelling in my studies. In future, i'll be equipped with knowledge like Paul of Tarsus. With the earthly knowledge and God's wisdom, i'll be able to preach effectively to older people and people of high social standing, and they will listen. Walau!!! My soul was lifted. So confirm i'll become pastor lar!!!

But wait! my studies suck. i really need to work hard to be like Paul. i really wanna be like Paul! i stood by a corner and cried.

And so... today. i went to pastor Yew straight after service to ask about this. He mah prayed for me lo. Heheh! If i really become pastor... not bad oso hor... Better still, a pastor like Paul the Evangelist... great guy for the LORD!!!

oh yea... Rev Yew told me this. He actually read my blog earlier, regarding him calling me pastor...