Monday, August 25, 2008

Have you ever tried imagine the moment you are lashed by the flogs used to flog Jesus or his apostles? Have you been pricked by a cactus?

Guess what? I tried that yesterday night! Not on my back or palm, but my anus! All because of that tomato. Just two thin slice and i got food poisoning. i suspect it's a Genetically Modified Food.
When i passed motioned, the stool scratched my anus hole that i really feel the pain as if buasir bocor... but i don't have buasir la. Most probably it's the acid from my stomach since it was indigestion. The sensation is like pulling the nine tails from the hole, or stuffing the cactus in the hole and pull it out in a very fast speed. OUCH!!!
And it wasn't only once, but i think... 6 times?
Sounds disgusting? Beware of what you eat!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Someone please put off the fire

i think im getting grumpy like months before. same person again. nvm. anyone out there, please be prepared to put off this fire of anger in me. anytime, i'll meletup.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

F6 orientation ceremony

guess what?! i'm the emcee with Diyana, Yuhanis' sister. Both of us were kinda lame. But thank God that He empowered me to speak well. At least not all the words coming out from my mouth at the same time... haha.

i was kinda disappointed la... until the souvenir-giving session, almost everyone cabuted. No respect for their seniors at all! Partially because it was already very late. The expected time to end was 5pm but because of some people's performances, the crowd cabuted at 5.40pm. Can't really blame them.

and i cant believe i said a super lame joke in front of Pn Gan, Pn Phoon and Pn Shoba, all because i needed to drag the time... How will they label me later, i wonder...

Monday, August 04, 2008

Me pastor?

Yesterday the Sunday, MYF was supposed to handle children ministry. The mangkuk president suddenly text me that she won't be coming. Wadda! But never mind, cuz i had already prepared, but also kinda last minute lo...

It was about the parable of the Lost Coin. Thank God Brian, Debra and Anna agreed to help me. So it started with Deb lost her coin and was searching for it. After she found it, Brian and Anna came and celebrated with her. Then i started my short speech. The moment i went up, perhaps it was because of my thick thick NIV Bible with cover, Pastor Yew said.. Wow... pastor. I was like zhadou lor... But then i continued with a smile. Thank God for His grace and mercy, i manage to say everything loud and clear, though it was last minute preparation.

So after the service, Pastor Yew again called me... Pastor Andrew. I buat tak tahu la... Then i replied that Pastor Andrew is in KL Wesley... LOL!!! Many also said that i talked like a pastor.

I'm not afraid of being a pastor, in fact, im comfortable with that idea. But for the time being, that is my 2nd choice.

By the way, i'm struggling with the issue of obedience. I have the ability to resist temptations. But my flesh was desiring to sin. And i'm no longer that obedient boy.

i remember a verse in the Bible that said an obedient heart is better than any sacrifices. Hmm... even putting a lot into the offering bag doesn't please God if im not obedient...
3 agendas on Sat!
1. BK quiz
2. PC fair
3. having vegetarian meal

Let me talk about BK quiz first. Actually nothing much.. i met my bro Enoch there. His hair is now longer and more yeng. so jealous weh! MBS broke its record for the first time in history! We didn't get anything at all! Woohoo... Yeah..... So sad... By the way, Deborah was so shocked when she saw her name for the Elena Cooke trophy. She got third in Wilayah. haha! Philip and i was second! che wah!

then PC fair... not pork chop fair arr... So i was supposed to get my mummy a foldable keyboard, rubber that type, a notebook cooler and a flash drive for myself! In a nutshell, i got both cooler and flash drive the cheapest one. No regrets! Then i found the foldable keyboard. i realised i had not enough money and the stall did not have a card swiper. So i went around KLCC and look for a Maybank ATM. It took me an hour plus to look for one. With long queues everywhere, i got fed up and went to Hong Leong near Philharmornic Orchestra. Die lo... lost RM1 because i used Maybank Card. and i was wearing leather shoes... LEG PAIN!!! Most zhadou one is that after buying everything, i found one not so long queue behind the steps to Avenue K at the KLCC station. Stoooopid! It's a Maybank ATM, and the queue is sooooo short!

And that night... Mummy brought my family to a vegetarian restaurant. I'm not against vegetarianism. Daniel in the Bible was a vegan when he was in the Babylonian palace, and he was well blessed by God. Even one of the Christian fast is called Daniel fast, which is following Daniel's footsteps. But i really felt oppressed the moment im there. Partially is because the food sucks. Kononnya healthy choice, the soya bean milk has no sugar at all and possess the taste of overheated blender with partially melted plastic. EEEwwww!

Then, the restaurant was promoting vegetarianism and................... Buddhism. Again, i'm not against this religion, but i really felt oppressed when i was there. i lost my appetite. The LCD screen was showing about karma la... reincarnation la... and my free-thinker mom actually said there is reincarnation as sometimes she can see her past life. Hello! She has been married to my father for a good 20 years and she can still say that?! This is obviously not a Christian family! So i explained to her that there is incarnation, i.e. the resurrection of Christ, and definitely there is no reincarnation. i was surprised that she has philosophies about life... those irrational ones. like this, human are re-born after death coz if there is no re-born, the earth will be full of people and the earth has no end. Walau... please pray for her weh...

I wasted this Saturday...