Monday, July 28, 2008

Me president?!

today's the 1st time in my life that i'm chosen as president. In particular, the Badminton Club. I didn't really expected that. At least, i'm not desperate! i sucked in badminton + no badminton history at all. But apakan daya, the outgoing president and vice supported me. Few weeks ago when i voiced out my desire to join the club, it became a hit among the then members and EXCOs. It really surprised me as i only possess a relatively low popularity level in school.

On my way to the AGM venue, i was actually aiming for the Treasurer post, seeing that i'm already holding the accounts books of CF and District MYF. I didn't even bring a whole gang of friends to vote for me, like what 4K did, which nearly dominated almost all the clubs. But many of my L6K friends were there, to my another surprise.

Anyway, this was my speech, realising that other nominees are good players. a short prayer was said before this. So this is what i told them. "i'm not here to blow water, honestly i don't have history in badminton at all. But if you think that i can manage the club well, why not, vote for me?" That's all. And i was chosen. Guess what? Someone told me i got 55 votes. Wow.

Soon after that, i saw the acocunts book. Fooooiiiiiyoh! Thank God i didn't step down and take this post. The book is simply messy with receipts stapled almost everywhere. Now i really thank God that i'm the president.

May God bless me in my presidency of this club and treasureship of CF and District MYF, not forgetting my studies, horizontal and vertical relationships and small little ministries for God!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

These few days, the quiet time material Our Daily Bread and the 40 days prayer booklet led me to Romans 12. It's about being a living sacrifice for God, holy and pleasing to Him. That passage also talks about spiritual gifts.

The day before Prefectorial Board AGM, Benny chatted with me via MSN. He was kind of nervous. All i did was to tell him not to worry and seek God's kingdom and righteousness first as in Matt 6:33. After some conversations, he said he felt better. Walau... i seriously God is speaking through me lor...despite of my disobedience, He still used me to be His mouthpiece. And i'm exercising my spiritual gifts as well. Wah... God is so great!

And i can see that God loves Benny very much. it must be because Benny does his Quiet Time faithfully, and Benny must be having an intimate relationship with God. Every morning i can see him in canteen reading ODB or praying. Such a faithful friend. I should learn like him.
today's our Prefectorial Board Annual General Meeting. While the ballots are counted, that uncle Tyo Wei Keat put his arms around Addison. Joanna, who was sitting nearby said to me that my 'ahem' kena stolen. Addison was like showing some satisfied face in front of me.

i of course not so syok la. i didn't want to lose out. so immediately i put my right arm around Janice my zi mui. To my horror, the girl that i said i like in my previous post saw it. Oops! Tyo & Addi! all because of your fault.

After the meeting, i went to her, who was crowned the best female prefect, and ask her la. By the way i was best male prefect & my committee got the best committee title... che wah... i asked her whether she's offended by seeing that. i was afraid that she will be thinking that i'm a pervert or playboy. Fortunately she geleng-ed kepala. Then i confessed la. That's the person i meant in my previous post was her. She knew it. i also reminded her the later post that i choose to release her from my thoughts. Thank God that she agreed that the two of us are still good friends.

As for the Form 5 boy, i leave it to him la. Whether their relationship will 'open flower & have fruit', it's up to him. i love both of them and i want them to possess happiness till the end of their breath.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Anyone willing to teach me guitar, drums, flute, piano and harmonica?

Sunday, July 20, 2008

i choose to release her...

kinda painful la... but im not sad. i know i just did the right thing.

Perhaps this is the shortest crush ever in my life. Not really crush but i do like her.

The reason i release her from my 'possesion' is because of another brother. He is even younger than her, that is, he's F5. On Thursday night, it was rare that he's online. So after some conversations, he himself said he likes her also. He likes her inner beauty.

i was thinking. Why la both of us always like the same girl? last time it was another her, now this her. This is like let's say we are playing mahjong. When i call 'sik wu' (means i almost win), he's the one who 'zid wu' (means he block me from winning). By the way i don't play mahjong.

i love this friend of mine very much. Even he's younger than i, i learnt a lot from him. In order not to lose this such wonderful friend, i choose to make this sacrifice. hopefully the two of them will be happy.

well, i can say that she's not whom God wants for me. i'll wait with faith.


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

i don't know how to say this... but err.... i think i like a girl. An older girl.

Earlier, i have set some guidelines about my requirements regarding my ideal life partner. After searching high and low and crushing here and there, at last!... i realised that the ideal "her" is just around the corner! She basically meets all my criteria. Christian... catholic la... Decent... not lala... Knows chinese... can speak canto... better still... haha... she uses the same phone model as i. Haha now you know who is she... lol... another thing is that she uses 016 instead of 012 or 017... sad... never mind la... she is almost reaching the ideal level.

But she's older...

She's older...

she's older...

Hmm... should i court her?

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Acts 16

This was assigned by Miss Moey to all BK students. Do read it. Click the pics. It's kind of funny. Enjoy!