Sunday, June 29, 2008

on buying shares

After some thoughts, i feel that i should talk about buying shares here. $$$ €€€€

Well, normally people buy shares that has the potential to grow well. The best would be that the price of the shares is very low, means that the company is not performing well, and then the price shoots up. Whatever type of shares, people definitely won't buy shares that gurantee loss, even if the price is low.

I'm now in a similar condition. i don't get to choose. i have to buy the shares that might make me lose, not only money but time and effort. While my other friends are investing on the growing ones, i have to take the one which may cost cheap and may even sell cheaper.

What i really mean is taking over the post of president of the MYF. William was elected president at early February this year, the 3rd. His MYF is strong, with a lot of members. He's definitely investing in a growing product. Addison is elected president today. LMCP youths are in a big number as well. Though LMC is a small church, their youth to adult ratio is high compared to my church. My youth to adult ratio is low, which means adults stand a higher percentage in numbers.

i'm not talking bad about my own youths. i really love all of them. But my MYF is getting boring as weeks pass by. Not many attend now. This made MYF even boring. Many activities can't be done.

Adults are the factor as well. They always want the kids to go back early and to study well.
All they want is blessings for the kids but do not let the children participate and serve. My mother is like that. She's not a Christian. She doesn't like me serving in church. But the moment she knew i got an A for Bible Knowledge, she told me to get scholarship from the church, thinking that the church is supposed to serve us, not that we serve the church. Kind of frustrated with her attitude.

And i know that Satan is doing a good job now. i really want to break that old liar's tricks. If not, i'll rugi teruk-teruk in this investment. i need Jesus' help!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

During the first 3 days of Lower Six orientation, i found out this interesting idea.

When i leaned, Addison sat straight. When i bent forward or sit straight, Addi leaned. From this, i had the idea that when he is up, i'll be down. When he is doing well, i may not. When i feel tired and sleepy in class, he's paying attention. Vice versa. It's true weh...

That is why both of us promised to back each other up. Now he's the new president for Chapel Committee and i'm only the 'friend of Chapel'. Not a big post. Well, i hope the best for both of us when we serve God together.

Oh yeah! We tasted Pearl Milk Tea just before we went for Physics tuition today. His was strawberry and mine blurberry. Haha! Nice!
This happened yesterday. Just to cut the story short, i was in the library doing my Rancangan Membaca, similar to Nilam.

The library was noisy. Damned noisy. But one of the librarians dared to say that the library is his territory and thus, he is allowed to use Cantonese without being booked by the prefects. Hey brainless dude! How dare you say this in front of me?!

Ok... never mind. It's your territory. I choose not to book you. But... did you do what you should do in your territory?! You are a librarian, and you can just let the library be as noisy as your own class!

This made me failed to complete my RP when the library is about to close. You know what that librarian said to me? "Hey, 1 whole hour also cannot finish arr? What did you do arr?".

I was damned pissed off. I didn't complete my RP. I did something that i consider right. I crumpled my own paper, not saying a thing. Wow! Some of the librarians felt my burning anger. Well, i consider that i did the right thing because i did not scold nor curse nor slap them.

By the way, in the coming Board of Student Librarians AGM, you guys will be in deep sh*t!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

i hate myself!

i knew that i;m not smart at all, yet i blame others on bad things that happened to me...

im so selfish!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

in regards with my previous post, the guy that i mentioned on the 1st 1/2 part has explained to me things. i'm glad that he is really studying. If you saw the word 'hypocrite', he's not.

by the way, i am still damned angry with those stooooopid ppl who make me work my ass off and screwed my SPM! can't blame them totally, coz im not smart in the beginning.

Monday, June 16, 2008

STOOPID idiots!

STOOPID!!! rm 120 went down the drain just like that!

All this while i thought that i did not get the letter to attend the Kasturi prize-giving ceremony. Mana tahu, today as i reached home from school, i was curious with an opened letter, which i did not care much to attend to it since it's opened and i assumed that i've read it. Well, true enough. The title is "Jemputan ke Majlis Anugerah...". My heartbeat stopped a while when i see those words. The letter was sent on the 22nd of May, which means i already got it like so long ago!

The ceremony was yesterday in Federal Hotel, a Sunday. So smart la those Kasturi bosses. Actually i knew about that ceremony when my classmates asked around about who's attending it, just that i did not have the letter to show to them when i collect my rm120. All in my mind was parent's day in church which was yesterday and the late letter will be the excuse that i'm not attending that ceremony.

But now... i really wanna shout out those vulgar words which i know in a string! The letter says that collection of the prizes after the ceremony will not be entertained.

Many told me that i did the right choice for attending church yesterday instead of that ceremony. Yeah right! If this happens on you guys, will you attend church?!

i am willing to sacrifice if the MYF is willing to present their best on parent's day, since i am given the responsibility to lead them for the presentation. But what happened?! Only 4 including me turned up. And i had school that morning. i seriously don't mind sacrificing a lot for the sake of MYF. and i could have spent more time getting signatures from my seniors for my orientation and have a fun time with them. But WHY AM i SOOOOO DUMB to even want to do this presentation?! DUMB ASS honhon!!!

At last, we didn't practice the song. We changed to poem recitation, which was LAME!!! The MP of Batu, Tian Chua was there also. Matilah... our MYF memalufied ourselves in front of him! Anyway thanks a lot for those who turned up for the 'practice'.

Now, i'm damned angry with those who did not attend. Remember how you guys make me worked my ass off last year even when it's my SPM year? i even had to attend the Christmas practice on the Sunday where my Literature in English paper was very near! Well, i screwed up my LiE paper! And all you guys say to me is 'God will bless you ya!' Fu*k off!!! STOOPID! Don't simply make decision for God! Assho*es!

I damned pissed off with those who are giving excuses all the time. They can't come because of studies? Don't bullsh*t! As if you are studying! and now you are saying that you can't help out because you didn't do well in your studies and you wanna study now. Tell me then, is it FAIR to me, that you guys wanna study and made me screwed up my SPM?! Don't come and tell me that i did very well by getting 11A's. I screwed up my sciences and maths! Don't forget i have another 4 more subjects! Buggers!

i'm terribly sorry if you think you are whom i mentioned and you are offended. i said all these coz i can't stand it anymore. and im saying what i think & feel personally. if you wish to justify yourself, do come and talk to me. i don't wish to have any misunderstandings between or among us.

sorry also for the vulgarity. i choose not to cancel them cuz those words show the intensity of my anger and disappointment.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

I've BACKSLIDED. full stop.