Monday, October 05, 2009

oh no....

Yesterday was a cooking comeptition among care groups. So happen the night before was mooncake festival. As expected, my grandmother will cook a lot of chunted dishes. The only thing that was imperfect was...i was not at home... so sad huh. Mooncake fest staying alone. Ppl having mooncake, i'm having a piece of roadside stall burger as my dinner.

So came Sunday morning. After service, almost everyone started getting busy preparing the food. My sis annoyingly came to me and kept nagging me about this la that la... and i have to go to my mom's car to eat all those whatever dinner that was left for me. Oh shoot.. worst still, my counselor called me thru the mobile phone to tell me to get to the station like.. NOW.

Oh i was soooo impatient. When i was eating those "stuffs", i just showed my impatience to my mom. She gave in to my bad attitude, but i felt bad after that. Amboi... soooooo guilty! And the day was obviously bad. My counselor and i seldom have the same idea. Aiya.. what to do... keep quiet lo. Just follow what he says.

What a bad day.


siehjin said...

hmmm... what kinda counselor are you seeing?

a good counselor wouldn't make you go along with his/her ideas. rather, counselors are actually supposed to help you to think through issues n make your own decision. at least, in my understanding of counseling la.

*change subject*

eh, do u remember me asking you about SUSOM? so how, interested anot? it will be running next year, January 10- February 11. come la! =)

hon hon said...

no la... counselor wants me to follow his ways of doing japanese cuisine only! haha.