Wednesday, November 11, 2009

God will provide? answer is YES!

You probably don't know that i limit my daily expenditure to RM5 only. And that's only food. basically, i don't spend on other things unless necessary. Got LRT card.

ok let me break down my expenses:
Breakfast-RM1. canteen has a noodle stall that sells fried noodles at RM1
Recess- normally no. Occasionally RM 1+ on a piece of sandwich. that stall has lesser crowd. don't like to queue up in a long line.
Lunch-RM2. Rice la..nth else
Dinner-RM2 rice from the same stall. Pack home. i mean..pack back to church. i stay in church ma...

Ok so yesterday arr... I left RM 1 in my wallet and i was thinking what to buy for dinner. If i cant get it from school, means i'll have to use the extra money for savings to buy dinner. i want to save some money ma. please dont say that i'm kiam siap arr...

So dunno how arr...suddenly some of my L6 juniors came into the prefects' room. They came in with some boxes of rice. Leftover from the debating club. wahhahaha..still nice and fresh.

yea God provides. Yahweh Yireh!