Sunday, September 13, 2009

i thought i was alone, until...

after hearing good comments about the movie UP, i'd decided to watch it. haiz... but no one wants to join me. All because of the timing. So no choice la, i went alone after CF last friday.

I chose to sit at the most back row, with an empty seat on my left and 2 empty seats on my right, just to make sure no one sees me cry. The movie was touching ma... really heart-warming, and i really cried leh... only tears rolled down, not wailing, k?

But just before the movie started, a couple sat beside me. i was like... oh no... someone's gonna see me cry like a baby... in my mbs prefect uniform sumore... But what surprised me was, hey the guy is my friend who studies in singapore! 1st met him in YLDP, roommate leh... so coincident! but i believe it's God's arrangement la. He provided a friend to sort of accompany me to watch that movie. haha. actually he's watching that with his gf la.

interesting part is, everytime he comes back to kl, for sure he'll see me. haha. last time was in puduraya.