Thursday, December 25, 2008

Availability vs Ability

Blesses Christmas to all! Reflect on the true meaning of Christmas and may you find great joy!

Today is Christmas day... Woohoo! But today's service was a lil... i dunno how to say. Messy?

This happened and beholded me to think again.. Availability or Ability? Well, let's see...

Worship session for today was in charged by GOSPEL team, worship led by my youth counselor Uncle Chie. Perhaps he's a little nervous. He can't seem to catch up with the tempo. The worship team was patiently telling him when to start singing and bla bla... but through their facial expression, i can see that some of them slowly lose their patience...

So now worship time... Uncle Chie still can't sing very well. There were parts where he sang so softly that many will definitely think that he doesn't know how to sing. Then pastor with his portable microphone sang loudly. i can sense his frust in his voice. wah... the worship was a lil... i don't wanna comment la. i still love my counselor, though... gambateh Uncle Chie!!! Show the power of your Foochow blood!

Next thing i wanna highlight is about YLDP. Prior to this camp, Rekha my youth president told me that James Ong, the national MYF president asked for a worship team from Sentul. Those talented ones didn't want to go. And those who went are either not very talented in music or no talent at all, like me. But i thought of this interesting statement: God wants your availability, not your ability. Well, well, well.. i contacted them to avail myself to help out in anything. If i need training, i'll go for it. Even if it's some unimportant tasks, i'm ok with it, since they asked us ady ma. The answer was: It's ok. We can have someone else.

Nah you see... these 2 incidents prove that ability is still important. if you don't have talents, chances are that you might not be taken. So it's good la.. itz a bonus to have talent. I trust God will enable us.

But as for those who has talents but not using them to glorify God, they have to think of an asnwer for that Day.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Women who provided to meet Jesus' needs

Luke 8:1-3
Some time later Jesus traveled through towns and villages, preaching the Good News about the Kingdom of God. The twelve disciples went with him, and so did some women who had been healed of evil spirits and diseases: Mary (who was called Magdalene), from whom seven demons had been driven out; Joanna, whose husband Chuza was an officer in Herod's court; and Susanna, and many other women who used their own resources to help Jesus and his disciples.

There was this lady in my church la... she shared her testimony with me one Sunday evening after YLDP. She told me about her past when she was filthy rich, tens of thousands wasn't a problem.. yada yada yada... and until her money was cheated by the husband and bumped into the spiritual realms eventually. and of course.. her deliverance.

Last Sunday, after service, she opened a stall outside the sanctuary to sell her products from a Christian bookshop. Well, she wasn't selling books but bible covers and a kind of special pillow for book, laptops etc etc. for comfort while reading or using laptop. It costs RM75. Earlier during church carnival, it was RM40.

Then dunno y la... she suddenly whisper to me that she's giving that to me as a gift... whaow!!! chun leh! perhaps she felt encouraged when she see me, so she give that to me..? i shud say that i felt more encouraged when i listened to her testimony...

I'm not saying i'm like Jesus la.. but this lady's attitude reminds me of the women who use their own resources for Jesus' and his disciples. They have the gift of giving... So do this lady. Praise God!

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Holy Communion

today my church got Holy Communion.

As usual la... normally HC time i sure emo 1. most of the time. Esp when the sound system is playing all those emo hymns.. haha. if im not a tough guy, i would have been crying every HC. No joke!
Then this reminded me of the 2nd week of this year when the Jeremiah School 2008 visited LMC Puchong. This is their logo and the congregation.

Hey that's Doreen and James! Behind is Vivian and Michele! Darynn also! Got this pic from google.
K la.. so we go back to where we were.
That was the 2nd weekend of JS and all Js-ers are supposed to spend the weekend in one of the Methodist Church listed. So far i was high-spirited all the time since JS had begun. Everyone can see that.
So on that Sunday, LMCP was having their HC during their service. After taking the communion, i just felt very bad la... i was thinking to myself that im such a bad and unworthy person, how can i take the communion?.. Just before this we had to read the prayer.. the "Merciful God, we have not love you with our whole heart..." that one. And when The sentence "In Jesus name, you are forgiven" is read, walau.. my heart was so stirred. So after taking the communion, i sat a while. Really cannot tahan my emotions liao, and i rushed to the toilet and wept... i tell you which toilet arr... haha. When you go into the Sanctuary, u'll see a door on the left corner ma.. U walk in, it is the pantry. turn right and u'll see two toilets. I'm emo-ed in the left one!!! haha!!!
After service, JS-ers were all busy fellowshipping with one another and youths in LMC. I mah sat beside continue emo-ing and i rmb Austin was napping.. haha caught u! Many of my 1 week+ friends started realising it and asked me what happened. All oso realised that i was so high-spirited in the morning and suddenly quiet down so fast. i din tell many what happened la... juz said tired.. sowee JS-ers... i kinda lied to u all

Some people say they can sense God's presence in corporate prayer, big big noisy concerts...
But for me.. in silent and solitude and sometimes... when im alone...